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Innoetics SpeakVolumes Online TTS Service: A voice-talent at your service!

Produce Voice Files with Text-to-Speech on Demand!

With Innoetics' SpeakVolumes Service you can create synthetic voice files on demand! Convert any text to speech, download the file, hotlink it, or even create an Audio QR code for it, and make life more interactive!

In 4 simple steps you create your own voice files

  1. Register in the service. It's FREE!
  2. Enter text or copy-and-paste text into the Editor.
  3. Preview the speech audio and finalize the recording.
  4. Download the speech audio file, hotlink it, or embed it with our player into your website!

Ideal for

  • Telecoms and Multimedia Applications
  • Websites, Blogs and E-learning
  • Devices and Systems
  • Marketing, AudioBooks and Guides
  • ... you name it!

Make Your Web Speak!
Embed HTML Create hotlinked Voice Files or embed them via a player into your website or blog with our instantly generated HTML code!

Hotlink example: Listen!
Audio player example:

Create Audio QRs!
five Generate a unique Audio QR Code at a click of a button and interact with all smartphones!

Audio QR Code example: Scan and listen!

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